Risk for reward (Winners choice)

£3.99 Per Ticket

Winner is: sawtoothfiber

Ticket number: 12 Answer: Yellow

Instant Ticket Wins!

No need to wait for the draw date! - 1 Instant Wins! Randomly draw any of the following tickets numbers and win the prize!


Jack Dawson
#3 - £10 site credit

About This Competition

This week’s risk for reward competition is another winners choice! With just 21 tickets available the odds are always fantastic on these competitions. Lego, Warhammer or Pokèmon, we’ve got you covered with this brilliant selection of prizes!

Pokémon Temporal forces ETB (pre order)

Lego disney up house

Warhammer space Marine War Dogs

Pokémon wild forces Japanese booster box

21 tickets at £5 a ticket

Competition ends Sunday at 8pm with the live draw to follow at 8.15pm on our Instagram page.

Good luck everyone